Bungles finger was the result of a collaboration between UK session musicians Bill Hill and Stuart Saunders.

The band which has affectionately named "The Finger" by the large UK fan base was formed after Hill and Saunders worked together previously in the '90's sensation "Jonny Mortlake and The Floral Lepers". A band widely known for its continual lack of touring.

JMFL split early in 1995 and Hill and Saunders went their separate ways. Hill went on to perform in a multitude of UK acts such as Sumo Rabbit and * 3 bean salad, and has recently seen much success in UK tecno skiffle outfit "Bonus Tunnel" performing his unusual style of loud percussive break beats to packed venues 5 nights a week.

Saunders went on to become one half of the popular Euro beat combo "Ice Bunn and Easy Laigh" and had wide spread success across eastern Europe playing to large audiences in the former eastern block.

However the pair put aside their artistic differences in early 2004 and started planning what was to become the most widely known independent UK band.

Hill and saunders first controversial decision was to draft in the services of veteran guitarist Martin "Beadle hand" Hale and of fledgling drummer Mike "El Presidente" Weatherley. Both of whom jumped at the chance to work with the well known pair Hill and Saunders.

However the line would not be fully complete until Hill and Saunders convinced long time friend and vocalist Simon "Dunster" Parkes to join them.

Parkes, a vocalist known for his unusual style of performing 18th century poetry to a back-drop of space age war sounds Jumped at the chance to once again perform with artists such as Hill, Saunders, Hale and Weatherley.

Recently Bungles finger has seen the addition of "Roy Crosland" a musician of note, drafted in to play Harmonica and provide backing harmonies for Parkes sonic vocals.

Bungles Finger Web Site

Bungles Finger Myspace


Bungles Finger - Members discography


Sumo Rabbit: The sound of the rabbit - 1996 sound-house productions.

Sumo Rabbit: Millennium rabbit - 1999 sound-house productions.

3 bean Salad: Salad Dodger - 1999 salad records


Ice Bunn and Easy Laigh: The clubbers Guide to haylett gardens - 2000 Wobbly gut productions

Ice Bunn: Sexy Porno - 2002 Wobbly Gut productions

Hill, Saunders and Parkes:

Jonny Mortlake and the Floral Lepers: Live at the Red Lion - 1992 JMFL Records

Jonny Mortlake and the Floral Lepers: The gentle sound of the leper - 1993 JMFL Records


Simon Parkes: Vietnam and 18th century reading - 1996 SDP Records

Simon Parkes: WW2 - The poems and sounds - 1998 SDP Records

The Simon Parkes Project: War a retrospective - 2002 Wobbly Gut productions

Hale and Weatherley:

The HW Project: Oh My aching bones - 1996 Wild eye records

Martin and Mike: Space head - 2000 Wild eye records.


RC Funk: Leeds - 2006 RCF.

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