Bunny Wailer, also known as Bunny Livingston, born Neville Livingston O'reily (Kingston (Jamaica)10 april 1947) is a Jamaican reggaeartist. He is best known for having had the original Wailers sat.

Neville O'reily Livingston was born on 10 april 1947 in Kingston, the capital of the island of Jamaica. He loved football, and made of waste, together with his friends Bob Marley and Peter Tosh, guitars. Together they started a band, The Wailers, named a story from the Bible. They released six albums, of which the most successful Catch a FireStir It Upwith the hit, and Burnin recommended, with hits like I Shot The Sheriff and Get Up, Stand Up .

In 1975 left Peter Tosh and Neville Livingston, now better known as Bunny Livingston, the band. They wanted a solo career start, because The Wailers Marley sang at pretty much everything. Peter Tosh then got a fairly successful solo career, but Livingston got no hits anymore.

Still, Livingston a Reggae Legend. He was partially behind the success of The Wailers. After the departure of Livingston and Tosh became that band renamed to Bob Marley & The Wailers. That became world famous, even though I Shot The Sherrif are probably the most famous number. That was among other things covered by Eric Clapton and Stephen Marley.

Bunny Livingston is still active in the music, so he gave a number of concerts 2008. This year he will be heard on Reggae yellow.



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