Artist: Omni

Date Released:

Label: Bassline Xcursions/Ariel

Produced By:



Omni is an underground MC whose been on the scene for a few years now, catching his first break in 1997 when he became a member of the infamous L.A. hip-hop crew BassLine Xcursionists. His vocals are not bad, but really lack any special quality that separates him from the rather large hip-hop crowd. What really shines on this album is the beats, too bad for Omni that most of them were made for virtually unknown producers and not himself. Last year he opened for Murs and Brother Ali, which is a good fit for him, and this year his is touring with The Living Legends. An overall decent record, but Omni really has shown nothing that truly makes him individual. He’s definitely an MC to keep an eye on though. Michael Ardaiolo

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