Full Name: Burt Bacharach

Born: May 12, 1928

Home: Kansas City, MO

Website Link(s): [ Bacharach Onlin


  • Piano




  • [[The Carpenter
  • [[Tom Jone
  • [[The Ramone
  • [[Herb Alper

Member ofEdit

Has Notably Worked withEdit

  • Hal David
  • [[Elvis Costell
  • [[Ronald Isle
  • [[Rufus Wainwrigh
  • [[Dr. Dr

Musician BiographyEdit

One of the biggest pop music songwriters of our time, he and Hal David have written a ton of pop hits and is even associated with a certain style, typically of 1960's pop, though many of his songs have been drastically rearranged like [[Naked Eye' version of "[[Always Something There To Remind Me:Naked Eyes|Always Something There To Remind M" (or, hey, [[The Captain Howd's version...). Today, he often collaborates with many different songwriters and lyricists.



  • [[Hitmaker! Burt Bacharach Plays His Hits:Burt Bacharach|Hitmaker! Burt Bacharach Plays His Hit
  • [[Reach Out:Burt Bacharach|Reach Ou
  • Make It Easy On Yourself
  • Burt Bacharach
  • [[Burt Bacharach In Concert:Burt Bacharach|Burt Bacharach In Concer
  • [[Living Together:Burt Bacharach|Living Togethe
  • [[Futures:Burt Bacharach|Future
  • Woman
  • [[One Amazing Night:Burt Bacharach|One Amazing Nigh
  • Isley Meets Bacharach: Here I Am (With [[Ronald Isle)
  • [[At This Time:Burt Bacharach|At This Tim
  • [[Painted From Memory:Elvis Costello & Burt Bacharach|Painted From Memor (with [[Elvis Costell)



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Further readingEdit

  • [[Wikipedia:Burt Bacharach|Wikipedi[[Category: Artis

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