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Cooper James Thomas Taylor (born May 28, 1998), better known by his stage name CJ Jazz is an Australian singer.

CJ Jazz's career began when he was signed by Paralyzer Records on September 29, 2011. He is currently making a song with Lil' Rhain which will be released on The Dune Wolfie EP.

CJ Jazz is one half of the rap duo, Truth and Dare. His nickname is Dare. The other half of the duo is Lil' Rhain (Truth).

Life and careerEdit

1998-2010: Early yearsEdit

CJ Jazz was born Cooper James Thomas Taylor on May 28, 1998, at the time the only child of Melissa and Benjamin Taylor. Taylor was the only child for three years before being introduced to a little sister in 2000. By 2011, he had gained three younger siblings, two brothers and a sister.

Taylor grew fond of music at a very young age, singing country, jazz and pop music. He loved dancing and singing to his So Fresh album all the time. His family is a very musical family, with his parents also very fond of country, jazz and pop music.

Taylor performed various times, mainly at birthdays of his family or friends. In 2010, Taylor performed in the Music at the Majestic at the Majestic Theatre in Pomona, Queensland. He performed the song Scenes from an Italian Restaurant, originally by Billy Joel. He, along with other acts such as Lil' Rhain, performed in front of an audience of approximately 300.

Taylor has also performed at school and at the school discos.

2011: Beginning of careerEdit

In September, 2011, Lil' Rhain asked CJ Jazz if he wanted the chance to be signed to Paralyzer Records, Lil' Rhain's independent record label. CJ Jazz accepted the offer and the two are due to begin creating a new album for CJ Jazz.

In October, 2011, Lil' Rhain discussed the idea of creating a duo to CJ Jazz. Lil' Rhain wanted a duo similar to that of the American duo Bad Meets Evil, the duo of rappers " Royce Da 5'9" (Bad) and Eminem (Evil). The two continued with ideas for names, but initially concluded with Truth and Dare, with Lil' Rhain nicknamed Truth and CJ Jazz nicknamed Dare. Truth and Dare were later signed with Paralyzer Records. The duo are due to begin creating songs.

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