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cOOLdISC_aFTERmATH is a mixtape that was released in April 2007 by DJ_Nerd42, containing "silly" (as described by it's creator) remixes of songs by Linkin Park, Fort Minor, DJ Manuel, Maylynne, See Saw, Utada Hikaru, Simple Plan, DJ Dangermouse/The Beatles, Lemon Demon and Weird Al Yankovic. Because it features remixes of copyrighted songs, it has only been distributed for free through the internet.

01. Cure_4_teh_SND 
02. Fort_Maylynne
03. .hack//PLC.4_Mie_HÆd
04. Linkin_Hearts
05. Kingdom_Park
06. iMissPPR:KUT
07. GoCrazy
08. Numb42
09. Believe_Me_/_Enth_E_Nd
10. Enth_E_Nd_/_Believe_Me
11. White_&_Nerd42
12. Rage_Against_teh_Pentiums
13. Ultimate_Showdown_Out_The_Back
42. Linkin_Hearts_Reprise (hidden track)

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