Cage The Elephant is a Rock band formed in 2007 in Bowling Green, Kentucky. There debut album Cage The Elephant was released in 2008 in the UK and in 2009 in other places. It meet commercial success due to the single "Ain't No Rest For The Wicked". In 2011, they released there second album Thank You, Happy Birthday. Much like there previous effort, the album meet success due to the single "Shake Me Down". As of now, they band released two studio albums, one live album, and about 8 singles.


Studio albumsEdit

Year Title Label Singles
2008 (UK)
2009 (Other)
Cage The Elephant Jive/RCA (US)
Relentless/RED ink (UK)
2011 Thank You, Happy Birthday Jive/RCA (US)
Universal (Canada)
Relentless (UK)

Live albumsEdit

  • Live From The Vic In Chicargo (2012)


Year Title Album
2007 "Free Love" Cage The Elephant
2008 "In One Ear" Cage The Elephant
2009 "Ain't No Rest Of The Wicked" Cage The Elephant
2009 "Back Against The Wall" Cage The Elephant
2010 "In One Ear" (Reissue) Cage The Elephant
2010 "Shake Me Down" Thank You, Happy Birthday
2011 "Around My Head" Thank You, Happy Birthday
2011 "Aberdeen" Thank You, Happy Birthday
2012 "Always Something" Thank You, Happy Birthday

Band MembersEdit

  • Matthew Shultz - Vocals
  • Lincoln Parish - Lead Guitar
  • Brad Shultz - Rythme Guitar
  • Dainel Tichenor - Bass Guitar
  • Jared Champion - Drums and Percussion

Touring MembersEdit

  • Dave Grohl - Drums (Replaced Jared for a limited time when Jared needed to stay at a hospital)

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