Cameo is an American band. This was established in 1974 and was an offshoot of the band, The New York City Players. The lead singer of Cameo's Larry Blackmon.

The band produces music in the genre funk and rhythm and blues. In 1986 the band had a US number 1 hit called Word Up!.


Year Album
1977 Cardiac Arrest
1978 We All Know Who We Are
1978 Ugly Ego
1979 Secret Omen
1980 Cameosis
1980 Feel Me
1981 Knights of the Sound Table
1982 Alligator Woman
1983 Style
1984 She's Strange
1985 Single Life
1986 Word Up!
1987 Recommended Recommended Candy ' '
1990 Real One ... Wear Black
1992 Emotional Violence
1992 Shake Your Pants
1993 The Best of Cameo
1994 In the Face of Funk
1996 The Best of Cameo, Volume 2
1996 Nasty
1998 Best of Cameo
1998 Live: Word Up
1998 The Ballads Collection
1998 Greatest Hits
1999 12 "Collection and More
2000 Sexy Sweet Thing
2001 The Hits Collection
2001 The Millennium Collection: The Best of Cameo
2002 Anthology
2003 Original Artist Hit List
2003 Classic Cameo
2004 The Best of Cameo
2005 Gold
2006 The Definitive Collection

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