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Cameron Wallis is a Canadian saxophonist, multi-instrumentalist, composer, and arranger. Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba he currently resides in Montreal, Quebec.[1]

As one half of the jazz duo OneUpOneDown, Wallis released the critically acclaimed albums Preface (2005) and Straight to Plan B (2007).[2]

He arranged, performed, and composed music for Sophie Milman's 2008 Juno award winning album Make Someone Happy,[3] and has recorded and arranged for Montreal vocalist Susie Arioli, amongst others.[3]

His debut quartet album Calling Dexter was released in 2013.[4][5] He is a member, and composer of the Montreal-based jazz quintet The Montreal Hard Bop Five.[6]

Cameron is endorsed by Italian saxophone and reed makers Luparifaro,[7] Japanese mouthpiece manufacturers Marmaduke,[8] and New York ligature makers Silverstein Works.[9]


  • Montreal Hard Bop Five (Case No. 5)
  • Montreal Hard Bop Five (Live at Upstairs)
  • Montreal Hard Bop Five
  • Calling Dexter, Cameron Wallis
  • Straight to Plan B, OneUpOneDown
  • Preface, OneUpOneDown
  • Make Someone Happy, Sophie Milman
  • All the Way, Susie Arioli
  • Songbird’s Prayer, Marie-Fatima Rudolf
  • Live in Montreal, Nikki Yanofsky
  • Vox Pop, Maxime Landry
  • Night Lights, Susie Arioli
  • Aural Landscape, Karine Chapdelaine
  • Exit, Jean Leloup



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