Artist: Garbage

Album: Beautiful Garbage

Appears On (Mixes): Revme.Vox.Com

Song Notes: I've got a real soft spot for this sort of faux-50s pop kinda stuff. There's this one, and one of the biggest that comes to mind is the only Cranberries song I can stand (it actually even made me try to go BACK to them after initially hating all the other stuff I'd heard from them, and then discovering that, yep, the rest of it does indeed still suck hardcore), "When You're Gone" from, um, To The Faithful Departed I think. The weird thing with that is that I first found it when I was beginning my Zappa phase (stage one: Downloading a few testers before buying a record) and it was mislabelled as "Peaches En Regalia" -- I liked it, but it didn't sound terribly Zappa to me (and he rarely used female vocalists for the lead if, well, ever), but I knew that he was kinda all over the map and had a great affinity for 50s kinda stuff, so there you go. I remember when I mentioned it in an IRC chat room that I really liked the lyrics to "Peaches En Regalia". You can probably imagine the reaction.

Anyway, though, this is NOT that song, and it's by a band I actually LIKE, instead of the one fluke song they wrote that happened to be good like after getting hit in the head or something and deciding not to write idiotic songs that'd end up being caterwauled by a woman whose voice is that of a dying cat. Garbage, on the other hand, write a lot of good songs that are sung by someone who is good at it, so there you go. I found this one in my "Stuff to put on a mix later" directory and had actually forgotten what it was until I heard the first 2 or so seconds and was all like "OH YEAH! This one! This is AWESOME!", so here you go. It's from Beautiful Garbage, which I dug (and was actually my first Garbage record when we got it in at my college station and I listened to it as the MD and dug it then, too), though I guess a lot of fans hate this record. (And, admittedly, compared to the first couple, is a bit lacking, but hey.) I wasn't into Bleed Like Me much, though, but it does have its moments too. So there you go. This is kind of an oddball cut from the record, but it's pretty awesome. Just sayin', though, if you're going to go try to buy this record based on this song, you'll be disappointed sound-wise (but probably not too bad quality-wise). - Rev. Syung Myung Me


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