Car Wash is a 1976 number-one single by Rose Royce for Whitfield Records. It's the debut of the Group and one of the biggest hits of the Disco era. The song was written and produced by Norman Whitfield. Also, the song is also the theme song of the movie of the same name of the Car Wash, producer Richard Pryor from 1976. It was Rose Royce ' most successful single. The song was covered in 2004 by Christina Aguilera and Missy Elliott. Their version was used for the single of the Shark Talesoundtrack.


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Norman Whitfield, a producer for Motown Records, was asked to record a soundtrack album for the movie Car Wash by Michael Schultz. Although Whitfield did not approve the project, but he did it anyway for the money and for the chance to give Rose Royce, a disco/funkband who Whitfield signed to his own label in 1975. This was needed to let the band to break through. Whitfield was unable to write the theme song , but at the last minute, he was given the inspiration when playing a game ofbasketball, and he wrote a stub of Car Wash on a box in which was fried chicken, which he had purchased.

The Car Wash's soundtrack, a double album, was Rose Royce's debut lp, and the title of the album was also their debut single. Car Wash 's 2 million copies were sold, and it was a number one hit on the Billboard pop and R & B charts in the United States and a top 10 hit in the United Kingdom. The soundtrack album yielded 2 more hits on for Rose Royce: I want to Get Next To Youand I'm Going Down (the latter was also covered by Mary j. Blige in 1994).

Covers and other uses[Edit]Edit

Car Wash
Single from:

Christina Aguilera

From the album:

Shark Tale: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack ' '

Released september 2004
Type of carrier Airplaycdsingle
Genre Pop
Duration 3: 41
Tag RCA Records
Writer (s) Norman Whitfield

Missy Elliott (State not cred.)

Producer (s) Missy Elliott

Christina Aguilera Ron Fair T. Herzberg C. Styles Freaking Out Silence

Position (s) in the charts
  1. 2 ( Netherlands,Australia)
  2. 3 (Belgium)
  3. 4 (United Kingdom)
  4. 29 (Latvia)
  5. 63 (United States)
Christina Aguilera
The Voice Within


Car Wash


Tilt Ya Head Back


Missy Elliott 's singles chronology
I'm Really Hot


Car Wash


Lose Control


Portal  [1]   Music

In 2004 , the pop singer Christina Aguilera and the Rap Star/singer Missy Elliott recorded a cover version of Car Wash , and thus tried to give a more modern disco number popgevoel and rapcoupletten added by Missy Elliott. Car Wash was the only single from the soundtrack to the animated film Shark Tale of DreamWorks. Their version is also represented in a music video, in which Christina and Missy Elliott are depicted as the fish in the movie.

The number did not come in the U.S. Billboard Top 40 and took place 63, while a top five hit in the United Kingdom and was in Belgium and Netherlands took place 2 and 3 respectively.

The original version of Car Wash by Rose Royce is one of the most sampled songs in history, not for the General instrumentation but for its introductory part. The song opens with handclaps, which many times is sampled in hip hopand R & Bsongs in the 80 's.


Rose Royce[Edit]Edit

Chart (1977) Position
Billboard Hot 100 1
Billboard Black Singles 1
UK Singles Chart 9

Christina Aguilera/Missy Elliott[Edit]Edit

Mix it up (2004) Position
Billboard Hot 100 63
World Chart Show 3
UK Top 40 Singles 4
Brazil Top 100 Singles 4
Jam FM Charts 3
' Tokio Hot 100 ' 10
Australia Top 50 Singles 2
Dutch Top 40 2
Flanders Top 50 singles 3
Germany Top 100 Singles 6
Indonesian Singles Chart 18
Switzerland Top 100 Singles 5
Ireland Top 50 Singles 5
Finland Top 20 Singles 9
Sweden Top 60 Singles 27
New Zealand Top 50 Singles 2
Mexican Top 100 15

Dutch Top 40[Edit]Edit

Car Wash (Christina Aguilera/Missy Elliott)

Chart positions: 23-10-2004-05-02-2005

Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
Position 29 12 3 3 6 5 5 4 6 14 15 15 18 26 36 from

Radio 2 Top 2000[Edit]Edit

Number (s) with markings

in the Radio 2 Top 2000

' 99 ' 00 ' 01 ' 02 ' 03 ' 04 ' 05 ' 06 ' 07 ' 08 ' 09 ' 10 ' 11 ' 12 ' 13
Carwash (Rose Royce) 1688 1590 1983 1823 - 1862 - - - - - - - - -

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