"Careless Love"is a ' traditional ' of unknown origin, who later jazz standard by quite a few well-known vocalists in their repertoire was recorded. The first and best knownarrangement with music and lyrics dating back to 1921 and is held by W.C. HandySpencer Williams and Martha Koenig.


The Bluesversions are popular. Even though the text in the different versions often is adjusted, tells the song usually over heartbreak resulting from ' careless love ', carefree, love; love that with indifference being answered. Often threatens than the interpreter with it will kill her or his unpredictable beloved.

Love, oh love, oh careless love,
You fly to my head like wine,
You've ruined the life of many a poor girl,
and you nearly wrecked this life of mine
Love, O careless love
Those results to my head like wine
You ruined the life of so many girls
You nearly destroyed the mine


"Careless Love" was at the beginning of the 20th century one of the most popular songs from the Repertory of Buddy Baker Orchestra. Since then, it has remained a jazz and blues standard. Hundreds of song recordings were made, in different styles: folk, blues, jazz, country to pop music. Among the most remarkable of it include those by Bessie SmithMarilyn LeeOttilie PattersonPete SeegerGeorge LewisBig Joe Turner made different recordings of the song in his long career. Fats Domino performed a plate out in 1951, and it was also sung by Elvis PresleyEntranceLouis ArmstrongLonnie JohnsonDave Van Ronk,LeadbellyJanis JoplinSiouxsie SiouxJoan BaezRay CharlesDr. JohnMadeleine PeyrouxBob Dylan, as well as by Johnny CashFrankie LaineSkip James and Harry Connick Jr.

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