Carl Stamitz was a German violinist and composer of the Classical era.  He wrote many orchestral works during his lifetime, including 50 symphonies, 38 symphonies-concertante, and more than 60 concertos for violin, viola, clarinet, bassoon, and others. 

Early LifeEdit

Stamitz was baptized in Mannheim, Germany on May 8, 1745.  He was the eldest son of the violinist and composer Johann Stamitz, the leader of the Mannheim school.  Throughout his life, Carl was trained in composition and violin by his father, and later, others, after Johann's death.


By the age of seventeen, Stamitz was a violinist of the court orchestra.  He retired in 1770 and traveled as a virtuoso on violin, viola, and viola d'amore thereafter.  Though he accepted many short-term engagements, he was never able to land a permanent place among any of the many European princes.  Throughout this time period, he wrote many compositions, receiving substantial pay for them.

Later LifeEdit

In the 1780's, Stamitz married Maria Josepha Pilz.  He fathered four children.  Unable to land a permanent job with any prince, he was forced to resume a life of traveling.  In his later years, he settled in Jena as concertmaster of the orchestra.  Despite his best efforts to maintain good financial income, Stamitz gradually sank into poverty.  On November 9, 1801, Carl Stamitz passed away.  Alchemy papers were discovered after his death, hinting that he had dabbled in the attempts of gold-making at one point.


  • 11 clarinet concertos
  • 3 cello concertos
  • 40 concertos for flute, bassoon, violin, viola, and others, including some featuring combinations these instruments and more
  • 38 symphonies concertantes

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