Carlos Ernesto Lugo Mejia, better known as Carlos Trewher or Trewher is a Public Figure, Youtuber and Singer in your locality, he makes videos for YouTube since 2012 and is Singer.

Biography Edit

Born in Zulia in 2002 is Youtuber since 2012 and singer since 2014. He lives with his mother since his parents separated when he was small. And over time he saw some people on Youtube channels with video games began recording with a microphone talking to the public, and decided to start uploading videos to your YouTube channel called TheTrewherGaming. Since it was inactive throughout 2012, he raised its first video on January 13, 2013 one day after his 11th birthday, he recorded for the first time the game called Counter Strike 1.6. And his musical career began on January 21 of the year 2014, where he still does not have an official song but by 2016 he is planning to create new single called Yo estaba para ti there is still no date for the launch. Then in 2006 she was born a girl is his sister, called Aleinnys Gonzalez and then in 2007 her stepfather had a son named Angel Gonzalez who lived with Trewher and now are like brothers.

Personal life and relationships Edit

Relationships Edit

  • Tatiana Hernandez (2014-2015)

One day December 31, 2014 nearly cannon were Trewher 11:34 am and was in love with that girl, and that night he decided to tell what he felt for her and she accepted your request! They mantenieron the relationship during that time. But there was a problem people started talking about that relationship, and a former friend of Trewher was jealous that he also liked her. And the former friend of Trewher at this time is called the Roba-girlfriends Santa Rosalia.

This relationship ended thanks to a former friend who had Trewher, they had had an argument by the same girl as the former friend also liked, and told people he was with her and he kissed! Until one day Trewher decided to stop the fight and everything, and ended their relationship on 27 February 2015. He said: "I do not want to know either her or the jamas".

  • Karla Barrios (2016-2016)

One day came that great girl at the same school where he studied Trewher, and decided to reach out to talk and meet her. And they met and were good friends, and they were always together as best friends but came a day Trewher asked Karla to be his girlfriend but she rejected the request, but he did not give up and started trying to woo more that girl, and one day he came and told her that if she felt something and if I wanted to be his girlfriend, but she said no again. Although they were together they gave kisses on the mouth, hugging and wanted seemed a very strange relationship.

This relationship ended because she has decided to move away from Trewher, and did not understand why? - The l and Karla ask, why do not you talk to me, or look, or say hello ?. - She replied, "I just want to get away from you." Then do something good Trewher said no, we look, and we talk, and physical contact, or anything! And so it was and is to date. They have not spoken again and again they do at least what you forget it or him!

Normal Life and Personal Edit

  • Normal Life and Personal

Carlos Trewher is a guy who likes music, video vlogs, the Gameplays and likes them too. He also likes to help others, orient it misbehaves, help people to get what they want either his musical career, find happiness with God before, and learn to seek God through faith. Trewher has a group of fans called = Trewheros (as) or TTrewherFans which is the preferred group of him and in different countries!

Games played and recorded == ==

  • Video games played

Carlos Trewher he has played a variety of games such as:

  1. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas ( His Favorite)
  2. Epic Mickey 2
  3. Asphalt 8
  4. Slenderman
  5. Happy Wheels
  6. Minecraft 1.5.2

In his video channel games are the others

  • Recorded

The games etchings 'Trewher' they are:

  1. Happy Wheels
  2. Asphalt 8
  3. Slenderman
  4. Max Payne 2
  5. Minecraft
  6. Counter Strike 1.6
  8. Short of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Albums Edit

  • El Amor (2014)
  • Para ti (Coming soon)


  • 2015: Change This World Tour

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