Founded: 1969

Headquarters: Hollywood, CA

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Band MembersEdit

  • [[Richard Carpente
  • [[Karen Carpente

Includes Members ofEdit

  • [[Richard Carpenter Tri

Band BiographyEdit

Often maligned but million selling pop duo The Carpenters had many hits, though very little critical success. Many people made fun of their clean-cut image and traditional sound in an era defined by its experimentation and excess. [[Karen Carpente had released a solo record as well, although it never reached the successes she had had in the Carpenters. The band ended when she died of Anorexia in 1982. A film by Todd Haynes, Superstar, explored their career using Barbie Dolls. It was sued out of existence by [[Richard Carpente, ostensibly because it used uncleared recordings of Carpenters songs, although speculation abounds that it was actually because it implied he and their parents were at least partially (if not wholly) to blame for Karen's death. [[Richard Carpente is still performing and working in the music industry. Most recently, he contributed a string arrangement on "[[Gomenasai:t.A.T.u.|Gomenasa" from t.A.T.u.'s new album [[Dangerous And Moving:t.A.T.u.|Dangerous And Movin.





  • [[Ticket To Ride:The Carpenters|Ticket To Rid / [[Your Wonderful Parade:The Carpenters|Your Wonderful Parad
  • (They Long To Be) Close To You / I Kept On Loving You
  • We've Only Just Begun / [[All Of My Life:The Carpenters|All Of My Lif
  • [[Merry Christmas, Darling:The Carpenters|Merry Christmas, Darlin / [[Mr. Guder:The Carpenters|Mr. Guide
  • For All We Know / Don't Be Afraid
  • [[Rainy Days And Mondays:The Carpenters|Rainy Days And Monday / [[Saturday:The Carpenters|Saturda
  • [[Superstar (song):The Carpenters|Supersta / Bless The Beasts And Children
  • [[Hurting Each Other:The Carpenters|Hurting Each Othe / Maybe It's You
  • [[It's Going To Take Some Time:The Carpenters|It's Going To Take Some Tim / [[Flat Baroque:The Carpenters|Flat Baroqu
  • [[Goodbye To Love:The Carpenters|Goodbye To Lov / [[Crystal Lullaby:The Carpenters|Crystal Lullab
  • [[Sing:The Carpenters|Sin / [[Druscilla Penny:The Carpenters|Druscilla Penn
  • [[Yesterday Once More:The Carpenters|Yesterday Once Mor / [[Road Ode:The Carpenters|Road Od
  • Top Of The World / [[Heather:The Carpenters|Heathe
  • I Won't Last A Day Without You / [[One Love:The Carpenters|One Lov
  • Please Mr. Postman / [[This Masquerade:The Carpenters|This Masquerad
  • Santa Claus Is Coming To Town / [[Merry Christmas, Darling:The Carpenters|Merry Christmas, Darlin
  • [[Only Yesterday:The Carpenters|Only Yesterda / [[Happy:The Carpenters|Happ
  • [[Solitaire:The Carpenters|Solitair / Love Me For What I Am
  • There's A Kind Of Hush (All Over The World) / (I'm Caught Between) Goodbye And I Love You
  • [[I Need To Be In Love:The Carpenters|I Need To Be In Lov / [[Sandy:The Carpenters|Sand
  • [[Goofus:The Carpenters|Goofu / Boat To Sail
  • [[Merry Christmas, Darling (Single):The Carpenters|Merry Christmas, Darlin
  • [[All You Get From Love Is A Love Song:The Carpenters|All You Get From Love Is A Love Son / I Have You
  • [[Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft:The Carpenters|Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craf / Can't Smile Without You
  • [[The Christmas Song:The Carpenters|The Christmas Son / [[Merry Christmas, Darling:The Carpenters|Merry Christmas, Darlin
  • [[Sweet, Sweet Smile:The Carpenters|Sweet, Sweet Smil / I Have You
  • I Believe You / [[B'wana, She No Home:The Carpenters|B'wana, She No Hom
  • [[Touch Me When We're Dancing (Single):The Carpenters|Touch Me When We're Dancin
  • (Want You) Back In My Life Again
  • [[Those Good Old Dreams (Single):The Carpenters|Those Good Old Dream
  • Beechwood 4-5789
  • [[Make Believe It's Your First Time (Single):The Carpenters|Make Believe It's Your First Tim
  • [[Your Baby Doesn't Love You Anymore (Single):The Carpenters|Your Baby Doesn't Love You Anymor
  • If I Had You

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  • [[Wikipedia:The Carpenters|Wikipedia Pag[[Category: Artis

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