Artist: Bearsuit

Date Released: February 2005

Label: 3hive/Microindie

Produced By:


  1. Welcome Bearsuit Spacehotel
  2. Cookie on Jesus
  3. Rodent Disco
  4. Cherryade
  5. I Feel the Heat of the Light From Heaven
  6. Going Steady
  7. Itsuko Got Married
  8. Prove Katie Wrongg
  9. TSTM
  10. Diagonal Girl
  11. Kiki Keep Me Company
  12. On Your Special Day


Norwich, England’s Bearsuit will no doubt be familiar with a phrase that very well describes them stateside: Fucked up. Awash in acid-rock guitars and shoegazer vocals, “Cat Spectacular!” arrives with a smile and a wink on “Welcome Bearsuit Spacehotel,” only to launch into a fine Belle & Sebastian impression on “Cookie Oh Jesus.” “Rodent Disco” spirals drunkenly between dancepunk and twee-pop; you can never quite put your finger on it. That, as John Peel aptly noted, makes them “not quite like anything.” The live show they’ve created (featuring blood-soaked prom dresses, “nurse of death” outfits, and of course the inevitable bear suits) is itself a concoction of another kind in the same bizarre vein as other British new-millennium weirdoes (British Sea Power, The Libertines).

Listening to this album is frustrating and gleefully entertaining all at once partly because every song is a complete departure from the previous song; sometimes, single songs depart dramatically from themselves: Witness the click-starting “Going Steady” which takes a short while to get going… But in that short time, the band seems to be deciding on a whim how it wants to go. It’s an incredible blend of styles from an incredibly young six-piece that has already released an album, an EP, and five singles. Impervious to conventional anythings, Bearsuit will carry on with the spirit of art-rock’s finest. “Cat Spectacular!” is simply another milemarker on the road to glory. - Patrick Masterson

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