Catalog 3 is an album by the Scottish duo Boards of Canada. Currently, it is the earliest known recording by the group. The album was originally released only as a cassette in 1987. While this release is not currently available to the general public, album artwork and the track listing for Catalog 3 were once available from Boards of Canada's official website. It is unknown if there exists a Catalog 1 or 2.

Track listingEdit

  1. "Line Two" – 10:42
  2. "Drone 18" – 6:40
  3. "Drone 2" – 5:55
  4. "Breach Tones" – 8:13
  5. "Visual Drone 12" – 13:21
  6. "Stowed Under" – 4:15
  7. "Powerline" – 2:22
  8. "Press" – 5:08

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