Styles Of Beyond - Megadudical (Official Cover)

Artist: Styles Of Beyond

Date Released: 2004 (Online-Only Release)

Label: SpyTech Records

Produced By: DJ Cheapshot


  1. //download// Mr. Bitchin (Mr. Brown) [Explicit]
  2. //download// Pay Sharona And Beat It! (Pay Me) [Explicit]
  3. //download// Call It A Movement (Playin With Fire) [Explicit]
  4. //download// The Real (Superstars) [Explicit]

Review: by DJ Zap

  • Released around 2004 on the SpyTech Records website, this wasn't really heard in it's entirety mainly from errors on the site going to wrong links and the wrong files uploaded. Mixed by DJ Cheapshot, it combines old school rock and classic hits with some of the favorites from the Megadef album. One of the cleverest of which is Pay Me mixed with My Sharona. Little is known about this release.

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