Date Released: 2006 (Planned Release)

Label: ST8MENT Productions / Hybrid Animation Productions / ccMixter (Associated) / SpyTech Records (Associated) / Hollywood Records (Associated)

Produced By: Jay Sinkie / ST8MENT


  • NOTE: Although the Album/Mixtape is still in the planning stages, there are some tracks that are speculated to be used in the Album/Mixtape. This information is not necessarily final, and is subject to change at any time.
New Track Name:/ Original Track: / Artists Involved:
  • "They Don't Understand (ST8MENT Remix)" - "Mereka Tak Fahami (Remix)" - w2N/ST8MENT
  • "P0LrE.B3@r.B100d" - "Remember The Name (PolarBearBlood Remix) (Instrumental)" - DJ Polar Bear/Bell Boi
  • "(Treatment Remix)" - "Relaxion Spa Treatment (by Dan The Automator)" - Bell Boi
  • "

  1. [[Song 1:Artist|Song 1]]
  2. [[Song 2:Artist|Song 2]]

Review: by Jay Sinkie (a.k.a. Jay) This Mixtape/Album's purpose is to help promote the talents of independant and up-and-coming artists, such as:

  • ST8MENT (Vocals, Music, Beats, Mixing/Remixing, Samples, Sound Mastering, Producer)
  • Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla (Beats, Music, Mixing/Remixing, Samples)
  • DJ Polar Bear (Beats, Music, Mixing/Remixing, Samples)
  • DJ Lenin (Beats, Music, Mixing/Remixing, Samples)
  • DJ Tarquin (Beats, Music, Mixing/Remixing, Samples)
  • Prof. m.Stereo (Beats, Music, Mixing/Remixing, Samples)
  • w2N (Beats, Music, Mixing/Remixing, Samples)
  • Bell Boi (Vocals, Music, Beats, Mixing/Remixing, Samples)

And Mix their talents in with the likes of already established artists, such as:

And by Mixing their talents together, it's purpose will be fullfilled by helping promote all of the Artists/Producers/Mixers and Personnel involved, and hopefully help in them catching the spotlight of the mass media.

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