Caterina Valente (Paris14 January 1931) is a German-Italian singer. She was in the fifties and early sixties in Belgium Netherlands and hugely popular. Valente, along with her brother Silvio Francesco was also successful in the theatre, the film and later on tv.

Valente was born in Paris as the daughter of Giuseppe Valente, the accordionist and musical clown Maria Valente. They should be between 1954 and 1962 are the most famous schlager singer. In 1952 she married juggler Erik von Aro, who became her manager. Von Aro was the driving force behind a while later Rob de Nijs, when he unsuccessfully tried to launch his German-speaking career.

She began as a singer and dancer at the circus Grock and made her first recordings in 1953 as a singer Kurt Edelhagen's Orchestra on the plates brand Polydor. She had her first big hit in 1954 with Ganz Paris träumt von der Liebe, the German translation of I love Paris by Cole PorterMalaguena dates from that same year. In 1955 , she was successively in the charts in Netherlands with The breeze and I, Malaguena, SiboneyBaiao Bongo and Fiesta Cubana1956 put them in with the French and Spanish version of Granada and in the film Bonjour, Kathrin sang the same song and Steig in das Traumboot der Liebe '. From the same year was Wo meine Sonne scheint, the German translation of Island in the sun by Harry Belafonte and Bouquet the rêvesTiptipitipso from 1957 was beginning its first major 1958 hit in the low countries, followed by einmal für mich Spiel ' neither Habanero, in French with JéremieUne nuit à Rio Grande as b side. In July 1958, she was also still with Melodia d ' amore in the charts.

In 1957 she moved to Decca. There, she was accompanied by Werner Müller's Orchestra, RIAS dance, also known as supervisor of Gerhard WendlandTschau Tschau, Bambina, the German translation of Modugno's Remohit is San Domenico in Netherlands in 1959 "Piove, nr. 1 and 6 months in the charts. With Sweetheart, my darling, my love/Bon giorno she did it even better; It was also number 1 in the charts and was 8 months. Polyglot Caterina, which has now in twelve languages sang, sang the song in a curious Dutch, in a beautiful arrangement of Werner Müller. In 1959 she was with nine numbers in the German hit parade. Up to 1963 , she was almost continuously in the low countries in the hit parade with all Dutch-and German-speaking or not original songs like La strada del amoreMy souvenir (My happiness by Connie Francis),Marina (Rocco Granata), Adonis/there is no dayZu fell Tequila (Too much tequila), Sailor (Seemann of Lolita), Itsy bitsy, teeny weeny (Bryan Hyland), Oh, Valentino(Connie Francis), Ein Schiff wird kommen (Lale Andersen), Suco, suco (Alberto Cortez, Ping Ping), Pepe (Duane Eddy), Quando, quando (along with brother Silvio Francesco and original San Remohit from 1962 by Tony Renis), Gondola, gondoli and Tango Italiano, (also San Remohits from 1962 by Sergio Bruni and Ernesto Bonino and Milva respectively and Bruni), Tout l'amour (Passion flower), Leçon the twist (also along with brother Silvio Francesco)... Valente also brought in Italy from shadow of the mine (Amici miei) of Bobbejaan Schoepen.

As at the end of the 1960s her star in Europe starts to wane, attracts them to the United States, where they like Ivo Robic, via the Perry Como show already known. Como has dedicated to her already in 1962Caterina . She sings now more jazzy songs and chansons. In 1974 last them a break in order to bring her son Alexander in the world and then pulls them around the world, her voice further virtuosity demonstrates. In the eighties she performs regularly in German tv shows, after which it quieter around her is. From those years was still a potpourri of her former hits. Since then she is living retired in her villa in Switzerland, at theLake of Lugano.

Brief discography[Edit]Edit

  • 1954-Ganz Paris Traümt von der Liebe
  • 1958-Tipitipitipso
  • 1958-einmal für mich, Habanero Spiel nor
  • 1959-Sweetheart my Darling my treasure
  • 1960-Sailor
  • 1960-Itsy bitsy teenie weenie Honolulu Beach Bikini
  • 1960-Oh Valentino
  • 1960-Ein Schiff wird kommen
  • 1961-Rosalie muss nicht weinen
  • 1961-Salehi Salehi
  • 1961-Der Sheriff von Arkansas is ' ne Lady
  • 1962-Gondoli gondola/Tango Italiano
  • 1962-Quando quando quando
  • 1963-Hawaiiana Melody

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