Artist: The Handsome Family

Album: Through The Trees

Appears On (Mixes): I'm Strapped To This Fucking Twin Bed: The Best Of The Handsome Family

Song Notes: In a way Through The Trees is sort of the history album—though this song is probably the least; it just talks a little bit about the Cathedral of Cologne, and not a whole lot about its construction, really, either than that everyone who worked on it is dead. Which is such a cheery thought, isn't it? It's one of the Handsome Family songs that just lyrically ends, but I like that aspect of those songs, just because they're complete slice-of-life type things and its a way of acknowledging with characters in a story, that there's always a follow-up and stuff that came before. Also, this isn't really a story so much, as just sort of a description of things, which is another type of writing I adore. Plots Never! Pie Forever! - Rev. Syung Myung Me


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