Artist: Illogic

Date Released: May 4, 2004

Label: Weightless

Produced By: Blueprint


  1. Intro
  2. The Only Constant feat. Blueprint
  3. Birthright
  4. 1,000 Whispers
  5. Time Capsule feat. Aesop Rock and Vast Aire
  6. Celestial Clockwork
  7. Hollow Shell (Cash Clutch)
  8. Lesson on Love
  9. First Trimester
  10. Live to Die
  11. Stand feat. Slug
  12. My World
  13. I Wish He Would Make Me


Sometimes its bad to be able to judge an album by the guests before even hearing a single note of it, but when it has to do with the Orphanage crew (Aesop Rock, Blueprint, Slug of Atmosphere, Eyedea, Illogic), you know its going to be good. This is Illogic’s third full length, and he is progressing nicely. The recent college graduate belongs in the Mos Def category of hip hop (read half hip hop/half spoken word), as he spits socially conscious and observational rhymes that would make Aesop jealous. For production duties, Illogic penned long-time friend Blueprint, which was another good move. Blueprint’s style resembles Madlib in the heavy use of jazz. But –print varies in the use of more avant garde jazz samples that are not quite as stained with weed smoke. A damn fine album from a damn fine mc and a damn fine producer. Michael Ardaiolo