Jean-Marc Cerrone (Vitry-sur-Seine24 may 1952) is a disco artistdrummercomposer and producer. Together with Giorgio Moroder he belongs to the most important pioneers of the rhythmic and electronic discoin Europe.

[1][2]Cerrone in 2009

Artists such as Daft PunkEtienne de CrécyCassius and above all Bob Sinclar Cerrones already took inspiration from ' work.


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Cerrone is the son of a small shoe manufacturer. Solid beats and funky rhythms got his attention at a young age. After long insisting he got his first drum set at the age of 12. Later, he played in local rock bands with as great examples SantanaChicagoCreamJimi Hendrix and Otis Redding. He studied in 1970 as hair, yet he wanted to make it true in the music world.

The early years[Edit]Edit

With his band in the early 1970s Kongas Cerrone came for the first time really in the attention. The band played often in the Papagayo Club in Saint Tropez , where he encountered the French producer Eddie Barclay . This Kongas offered a record deal and that was the beginning of a long association with Barclay. Their first single was a hit Tree , which led to some tours in EuropeAfrica and Japan. Individual ailments led to Cerrone in 1975 left the band. He went as a studio musician on through life and opened two record stores that, ' Import Records "were baptized.

First success[Edit]Edit

In 1975 he began to compose songs for his first album, the successful Love In C Minor. For the title track did he appeal to Alex r. Costandinos. He produced and recorded the album all by themselves and 8 months later, he released his disco debut on its own account. Since the French record companies were not ready to Cerrones music, he let 20,000 copies printed and sold them himself in his own record stores. Love In C Minor was officially only released in February 1977, a year later, at Atlantic Records and earned him a Grammy Award on first.

The lp sleeve was of erotic nature and therefore risky. The A-side contains the album track that 17 minutes and one of the first long disco songs is. The most important elements on the album are the (heaving) female vocals, a clearly audible disco beat, guitar and captured and a whole orchestra strings and brass instruments. Elements that almost at any Cerrone-album can be heard.

The single was a worldwide hit Love In C Minor and in the United States took the 3rd place in the Billboard's charts and Record World. The remake of the song Los BravosBlack Is Black and Midnite Lady filled the B side. Love In C Minor sold nearly 8 million copies worldwide.

During the success of his debut worked Cerrone all to a successor Cerrone's Paradise (1977). The album differed little from its predecessor and was thereby slightly less successful. The single version of the track was a hit Cerrone's Paradise . The 12 "inch-version of the track ends with saxophone music similar to The One With The Red Face (2000) by Laurent Garnier.

Produced In 1977 Cerrone Donray for several artists such as ' Revelacion '.

Supernature: a milestone[Edit]Edit

Cerrone III: Supernature was released at the end of 1977 and is the Magnum opus of Cerrone. The single "Give Me Love was a worldwide hit and the album sold over 8 million copies. On the Billboard Disco Forum 4 of 1978 for the album Cerrone 6 obtained significant prizes: "Disco Artist Of The Year", "Male Artist Of The Year", "Disco Disco Disco Composer Of The Year", "Producer Of The Year", "Disco Arranger Of The Year" and the prize "Disco Instrumentalist Of The Year".

Cerrone let hear a whole new sound with the 18 minute album Supernaturetrack. The track consists of 3 parts: SupernatureSweet Drums and In The SmokeSupernature is mainly electronic and contains all kinds of sound effects. With Sweet Drums let Cerrone told he not only a magnificent composer, but also an excellent drummer. After three-minute drum solos starting the third part In The Smoke. This is a quiet, heavenly number that ends with a kind of rocket sound. The atmosphere of In The Smoke you could compare to the film music of Raymond Lefèvre for the French film Les gendarmes et les Extra-Terrestres with Louis de Funès, which appeared a year later. For the album, he collaborated with Alain Wisniak, who also later contributions for Cerrone.

Golden Touch appeared In 1978 with the hit Je Suis Music. A disco album with a lot of rock elements. Je Suis Music Rocket In The Pocket and both contain guitar solos and possess the typical disco beat by Cerrone. A performance that Cerrone gave up on the Paris Pavillion was recorded and released as a double album in late 1978.


A year later, the first appeared AngelinaCerrone-album that disappointed some. However the single Call Me Tonight with singer Michelle Aller Eurodiscoklassieker a large, especially in gay clubs. He gets a Golden Globe for the song. But songs such as "Living On Love and Rock Me encountered criticism by the rather mechanical and forced sound. All kinds of disco and rock elements were combined making it album often quite catchy and little innovative about came.

The 80 's[Edit]Edit

From 1980 disco hit in a low point and were the people of the genre no longer really impressed. Cerrone knew, like many disco artists in that period, moderate success with his album Cerrone VI (1980).

Cerrone VII (1981) got more attention. Cerrone appealed to the then still not really well known vocalist Jocelyn Brown. Thanks to its contribution on ' Hooked On You ' Cerrones music in the clubs came and he dominated again, just like before, the dance floor.

With his eighth album is the less successful Angelina completely forgotten. Because Backtrack (1982) provides a top-10 hit on: Supernature 2 Trippin' On The Moon and what later became a hit for Claudja Barry.The same year, al Cerrone 9 released: Your Love Survived (1982). A double album with an album new work and an album with remixes. The remix album attracted a lot of attention at the dance-lovers, as remixes were then still rare. Cerrone is one of the first artists who remixes made by own songs including Call Me TonightGive Me Love and Look For Love. The double album gave Cerrone weather worldwide recognition and became a commercial success.

And the success continued but take because in 1984 with the release of Cerrone X: Where Are You Now scored the title track and Club Underworld again particularly well in the charts.

In 1985 The Collector was released, an album where different genres were combined. The Kraftwerk-like synthesizers, the science fiction theme and the many female vocals were again for a musical change of course. Such as the title track from Supernature existed 3 parts and filled it a whole lp-length. The track contains special effects similar to Supernature and a male voice à la "Thriller" by Michael Jackson. The b-side contains the pop/rock-songs: ForeverShame on You and Where You Are.

Cerrone also produced in the 80 's albums for, among other things, Laura Branigan and made an album in 1986 with LaToya Jackson, sister of Michael Jackson.

The 90 's[Edit]Edit

The success of The Collector was another high point in Cerrones career and was the right time to have a rest break after 10 years non stop albums back. Cerrone left 5 years nothing is stirring.

In 1990 eventually appeared a first compilation. Cerrone also worked on the soundtrack for Dancing Machine (1990 film), a film starring Alain Delon and Patrick Dupont.

In the 90 's trad Cerrone regularly for general public. Harmony concert in 1991, a mega party for the launch of the first highly qualified TV Satellite in Japan. More than 800,000 spectators were then in Tokyo of the party. In 1991 worked Cerrone to a musical opera that 10 months was shown in the Ed Sullivan Theater on Broadway in New York. There also appeared new albums: Dream (1992), X-XEX (1993) and Human Nature(1996). Right after the release of Human Nature appeared The Best Of Cerrone following his 20-year career. It was a compilation where artists such as Frankie KnucklesDavid Morales , Danny Tenagliaand PWLcontributions for delivered.

The 21st century[Edit]Edit

Cerrone by Bob Sinclar appeared in 2001, an album with old and new remixes. Cerrone Bob Sinclar sees as one of his great examples. This is evident from the hit I Feel For You by Sinclar, what is an ode to the French disco King. The song sounds very Cerrone-like because of the Cerrones Angels, which accounted for the vocals on the song. A year earlier was Cerrone even though a guest at the Bob Sinclar- Champs Elysees (2000) album.

That year, Cerrone weather huge in the interest by the numerous remixes and samples that then of him appeared.

Cerrone composed and co-produced remixes and songs for SpillerDaft Punk, Modjo, Bob SinclarLiquid PeoplePaul McCartneyLionel RichieLuca CassaniArmand van HeldenJoey NegroDanny Tenaglia, e.a.

Cerrone came In 2002 with Hysteria (Cerrone), his 16th album. The album was well received by critics. The Only One the single and Love on the Dance Floor contain female vocals, funky bass lines and strings. The Only One was the official jingle for 'Star Academy' 2001-2004. Hysteria (Cerrone) became a club hit and seems to contain a sample of the 20-year legacy The Look (Cerrone, 1980).

That's Right and I Had To Be You are beautiful ' up-tempo'-songs where synthesizers are central. Here and there there are on Hysteria references to Daft Punk, the French duo that all samples used by Cerrone. The album includes contributions from his son Greg Cerrone and the German disco producer, DonRayNile Rodgers (Chic) took some guitar parts on its own behalf.

The collector ' Cerrone Culture ' appeared on 28 July 2004 with 14 tracks including a remix of Hooked On You by Jamie Lewis and a live version of Supernature.

In 2005, Armand van Helden remix of " Je Suis Music (Cerrone, 1978).

A new Tribute album appeared in October 2007 with Misunderstanding as first single.


From the mid-1980s organizes Cerrone Grand events. In France , he organized numerous events: Trocadero (Paris,1988), Evolution (1989, Paris) with more than 600,000 spectators and ' Planet Opera ' (1996,Nice).

He has performed on 31 december 1999 on The ' The Los Angeles Millennium Celebration ' in Hollywood (2000).

In 1 July 2005 organized Cerrone in Versailles weather a big ' dance party ' where more than a hundred thousand people came. A day later in the same place to Live Aid place where he also participated.

Cerrone obtained In 2004 by the French Minister of culture the title ' Chevalier de l'Ordre des Arts et des Lettres '. Cerrone sold since 1975 more than 30 million albums.

Cerrone brought in February 2006 the score for Orange Mechanique (Clockwork Orange) out. The concept album contains instinctive electro with synths and drums, a sound similar to Supernature.

In July 2006, he performed for the first time in Africa in Algeria (Sheraton hotel).

On 16 december 2006 organized a big party in LilleCerrone, The Lille Cerrone Party. On 2 February 2007 fourth Cerrone his 30-year career with Cerrone-Celebrate, a mega show in Paris.

Stars Of Europe[Edit]Edit

Cerrone if on 24 March 2007 Stars Of Europe shut down. With this event was the 50th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome is celebrated. The pop concert took place at the Atomium in Brussels renewed and lured more than 60000 spectators. Stars Of Europe was broadcast worldwide with a range of half a billion people. European artists such as ZuccheroSimply RedThe ScorpionsHooverphonicNana Mouskouri and Kim Wilde were of the party. Cerrone if the event around 50 years of European cooperation decisions with a remix of Supernature. Cerrones Give Me Love was used as end credits.



  • KONGAS (1971)
  • KONGAS-Africanism (1972)
  • DONRAY-Garden of love (1975)
  • Cerrone i: Love in C Minor (1976) (10 million ex.)
  • Cerrone II: Cerrone's Paradise (1977)
  • Cerrone III: Supernature (1977) (8 million ex.)
  • Cerrone IV: the Golden Touch (1978) (2 million ex.)
  • Angelina (Cerrone V) (1979)
  • Cerrone VI (1980)
  • Cerrone VII: You are the one (1981)
  • Cerrone VIII: Back track (1982)
  • Cerrone IX: Your love survived (1982)
  • Cerrone X: Where are you now (1984)
  • Cerrone XI: The collector (1985)
  • Cerrone XII: Way in (1990)
  • Cerrone XIII: Dream (1992)
  • Cerrone XIV: X-Xex (1993)
  • Cerrone XV: Human nature (1996)
  • The Best Of Cerrone (1996)
  • Best of remixes (1998)
  • Cerrone XVI: Hysteria (Cerrone) (2002)
  • Culture: compilation (2004)
  • Cerrone: XVII: Celebrate! (2007)
  • Love Ritual-Glamorous Lounge Selection (2008) (compilation)
  • Cerrone By Jamie Lewis (2009) remix album

Special releases:

  • Live: Paris (1978)
  • Live: Paris (1983)
  • Remix 2001: Cerrone by Bob Sinclar

Movie Soundtracks:

  • Vice Squad (Brigade Mondaine) (1978)
  • La secte de Marakech
  • Voudou aux Caraïbes
  • Dancin' machine (1990)
  • Orange Mecanique (The Score) (2006)

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