Artist: Blueprint

Date Released:

Label: Weightless

Produced By: Blueprint


  1. Enter
  2. Mr. Hyde
  3. Mission Statement
  4. Starch
  5. My Melody
  6. Small World, Big Plans feat. Vast Aire
  7. Behave Yourself
  8. Hot Sex
  9. Encounter feat. Aesop Rock
  10. Arms Too Short
  11. Sacrifice feat. Illogic
  12. Full Moon
  13. Pendulum Master feat. WindnBreeze
  14. Edit


If you open the front cover of this cd and read the back page of the insert, it reads under The Intent: “I did not make this record for rappers to rap to. I did not make this record for dancers to dance to. I made this record for people who love music and hip-hop—but get tired of hearing people rap all the time…” Honestly I could stop the review right there, but I’ll give you some biographical information. Ohio’s Blueprint is an emcee and a producer that has already made an impact in the underground, but has yet to gain recognition. Before attempting production he was one third of The Greenhouse Effect with Manifest and Inkwell. He later placed the rhymes aside for the producer title, and within a 3 year period introduced us to Illogic, started Weightless Recordings, joined RJD2 for Soul Position and guest produced/rhymed for Aesop Rock and Eyedea & Abilities. Chamber Music is Blueprint at his creative high, combining experimental jazz with dark, instrumental hip-hop, and he does a damn fine job. Michael Ardaiolo