Artist: Boingo

Genre: Rock

Appears On: Boingo

Appears On (Mixes): The Opposite Of Smoke Is Egg Whites

Song Notes: For their last studio album, Oingo Boingo changed their name to just Boingo (though they had been thinking about doing that for a while; the Boi-Ngo album was so named because that album was planned as the first Boingo album, but they released it as an Oingo Boingo album to avoid confusion. Post Boi-Ngo albums (Dark At The End Of The Tunnel, Boingo Alive and Best O' Boingo) all were officially by Oingo Boingo, though the cover art all put "Boingo" on the cover, while relegating the "Oingo" to the spine or back cover, but the change was complete with the newly self-titled Boingo. (Oddly enough, the last album, the live record of their last concert, Farewell, they went back to being Oingo Boingo, with the "Oingo" being the same size as the "Boingo" on the front cover and everything.) The Boingo album was a bit of a departure; Danny Elfman mentioned in interviews that while writing Boingo, he'd been listening to a lot of Primus, and the influence does show a bit in some of the song structure and bass work. Boingo also featured longer songs (aside from "Tender Lumplings", the coda to their cover of "I Am The Walrus", the shortest track is 4:04, though most of the songs are between 5.5–9 minutes long. "Change", however, is the longest song on the album (and also this compilation) at not-quite 16 minutes long. It's also one of my favorite songs on the album (I'm also very fond of "Can't See (Useless)", "Lost Like This" and "Mary"). Like a lot of longer pop songs, there are "movements", for lack of a better term, sort of like "Brown Shoes Don't Make It:The Mothers Of Invention" by the Mothers of Invention, but not nearly as jarring. The song has a bit of a dream-like quality to the different parts and the use of found sound. - Rev. Syung Myung Me  

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