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Chapter IV: In Which the Waves of Eternity Overtake Us

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Chapter IV: In Which the Waves of Eternity Overtake Us is the fourth full-length album from instrumental Ambient, Neoclassical, and Electronic artist Stars & Constellations. It was released through Bandcamp on December 03, 2014. It is also Part 4 in the Epic Catalogue of the Crystal Heart. The theme within this album is independence and journeying on one's own.

Track ListingEdit

(Written, Conceived, Mixed, Mastered, Told by: Arctic Bear, Azrael Belford, Aqi)

  1. "φ»χ" (08:17)
  2. "ψ - ω - υ [Transmission 015]" (11:03)
  3. "δ/τ(I+II)" (12:30)
  4. "λ|σ-ρ" (07:39)
  5. "θ/κ" (09:58)
  6. "η-ζ{π/γ}" (06:36)
  7. "α-ο_ξ" (07:22)
  8. "β-μ|ε•υ" (03:24)

​(Total Time - 01:06:49) 

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