Chapter v

Chapter V: In Which Our Minds Unwind is the fifth full-length album from instrumental Ambient, Neoclassical, and Electronic artist Stars & Constellations. It was released through Bandcamp on November 18, 2015. It is also Part 5 in the Epic Catalogue of the Crystal Heart. The themes within this album are the season cycle and being at one with nature.

Track ListingEdit

(Written, Conceived, Mixed, Mastered, Told by: Arctic Bear, Azrael Belford, and Capricorni)

  1. "Vernal Cream" (05:15)
  2. "The Immortal Blossoming" (05:26)
  3. "Cicadance" (05:07)
  4. "Summertide" (05:32)
  5. "Pyrexius" (05:51)
  6. "Efflorescia [Transmission 026]" (05:04)
  7. "Autumnine" (06:30)
  8. "Miring" (05:52)
  9. "Covering in Rime" (05:22)
  10. "Winterfell" (05:47)
  11. "An Ivory Mistral" (05:34)
  12. "Clambering to the Stars" (05:13)

(Total Time - 01:06:43)

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