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Artist: N. Lannon

Date Released: June 15, 2004

Label: Badman

Produced By:


  1. The Catch
  2. Turn Time Around
  3. Hollow Heart
  4. My Last Breath
  5. Fortune Cookie
  6. Beached
  7. Demons
  8. Spy
  9. The Nature of Things
  10. Cruel
  11. I Freak You Out


Nyles Lannon, guitarist/vocalist for San Francisco’s buzz band Film School, has teamed up with Björk collaborater Thomas Knack for an intimate combination of acoustic folk and minimal electronica. Lannon’s vocal style bears a resemblance to Nick Drake, soft and whispery, while the song structures rival recent indie rock songwriters like Iron & Wine and The Postal Service. Strapped only with his delicately finger picked guitar, Lannon enlisted a drum machine as a back up band. Most of the songs highlight the acoustic instrumentation, but on a couple tracks the electronics take the front stage (#4,7); Picture instead of Simon and Garfunkel, Simon and the Garfunkaltron 3000 drum machine. This is a solid debut album, though the songs can get a bit redundant. With a little more fleshing out and experimentation, this could be genius. Michael Ardaiolo

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