Founded: 1997

Headquarters: Chicago, IL

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  • [[Thrill Jocke



Band MembersEdit

Includes Members ofEdit

  • Isotope 217
  • [[Chicago Underground Orchestr
  • [[Chicago Underground Tri
  • [[Exploding Star Orchestr

Band BiographyEdit

The Chicago Underground Duo, consisting of Rob Mazurek (cornet, keyboards) and [[Chad Taylo (drums, vibraphone), emerged as part of the late 90s Chicago free jazz movement led by frequent collaborators [[Tortois. Appearing originally as the [[Chicago Underground Orchestr, line-ups always fluctuated, but in 1998 the nominal leader, Mazurek, and [[Chad Taylor|Taylo formed the Duo and released albums on their own. Influenced mostly by the jazz experimenters of the 70s and the possibilities of modern technology especially within the realms of electronic modulation, the many combinations of the Chicago Underground appear to be the direct descendents of [[The Art Ensemble of Chicag.

The Duo described their music as "an organic mixture of African, Electronic, Coloristic, Jazz influenced life supporting systematic, non-systematic feeling from two humans trying ever to expand outward and inward for the people and ourselves." (taken from [[Thrill Jocke's website biography).



  • 12 Degrees of Freedom 1998 ([[Thrill Jocke)
  • [[Synesthesia:Chicago Underground Duo|Synesthesi 2000 ([[Thrill Jocke)
  • [[Axis and Alignment:Chicago Underground Duo|Axis and Alignmen 2002 ([[Thrill Jocke)
  • [[In Praise of Shadows:Chicago Underground Duo|In Praise of Shadow 2006 ([[Thrill Jocke)



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Mix CDsEdit

  • [[Dub Club - Zvonko - Space

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