Chocolate Menta Mastik (Chocolate Mint chewing gum) was an Israeli band from the 1970s.

Members of the band were Ruti Holzman, Yardena Arazi Tami Azaria (up to 1973) and Lea Lupatin (from 1973). The name "chocolate Laye Menta Ma" is derived from an exclamation of candy sellers that the round went into cinemas during the breaks. The band represented Israel at the Eurovision Song Contest 1976 in the Hague with the song " Emor shalom (Hebrew: say hello/peace) with which they finished 6th.

Arazi was a well-known singer in the 1980s, which was compared with Ofra Haza. She Later became tv host. Lea Lupatin Gali Atari followed on in Milk and Honey before another late solo career potential. Arazi and Lupatin would later also apart in the Israeli for the Eurovision Song Contest participate.

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