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Founded: 2000

Headquarters: Seattle, WA

Website Link(s): [ Official Sit


  • [[Orang



  • [[The Young Fresh Fellow
  • [[The Presidents Of The United States Of Americ

Band MembersEdit

Includes Members ofEdit

  • [[The Young Fresh Fellow
  • [[The Presidents Of The United States Of Americ

Band BiographyEdit

This is an occasional side project of Tad Hutchison and Chris Ballew. Their recording style is that, during a particular session, you can only play what you brought in from the car on one trip. This means that Tad Hutchison is typically on a small drum kit, while Chris Ballew will play guitar, bass, keys, and whatnot (though, in some of the recordings, Tad plays other stuff, too). They've done some stuff locally, including a theme song for a show on a local Municipal Access channel.



  • [[Hand Me That Door:Chris & Tad|Hand Me That Doo



Appears OnEdit


  • [[The World Of Dr. Illteams:Book|The World Of Dr. Illteam


Mix CDsEdit

Radio ShowsEdit

[[Category: Artis

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