Chromeo is an electrofunk duo based in Montreal consisting of P-Thugg (Patrick Gemayel) on keyboards, synthesizers, and talk box, and Dave 1 (David Macklovitch) on guitar and lead vocals.




Gemayel and Macklovitch have been best friends since childhood and they describe themselves as "the only successful Arab/Jewish collaboration since the beginning of time." The band has also been named MTV's Artist of the Week for October 1st 2007. Their 2007 single Fancy Footwork won CBC Radio 3's Bucky Award for "Best Sweatin' to the Indies Song," and was also featured as a remixed version in the video game Need For Speed. "Rage!" was used in a McDonald's commercial. Chromeo recently appeared as the special guest in Episode 10 of Daryl Hall's monthly performance Webcast Live From Daryl's House.




  • You're So Gangsta - 12" Single (2002)
  • Destination Overdrive - 12" Single (2003)
  • Me & My Man - 12" Single(2004)
  • Needy Girl - 12" Single (2004)
  • Tenderoni - 12" Single (2007)
  • Fancy Footwork - 12" Single (2007)
  • Momma's Boy - 12" Single (2008)


  • Un Joli Mix Pour Toi - Mixtape (2005)
  • Ce Soir, On Danse - Mixtape (2006)

Other appearancesEdit

MTVu Woodie Out of Left Field Award Winner 2008

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