Template:Commons category Chuck Wright is an American bassist, best known as a member of heavy metal band Quiet Riot.[1] He originally joined Quiet Riot in 1982, performing bass on the track "Metal Health (Bang Your Head)" from their 1983 hit album, Metal Health, as well as contributing backing vocals.[2] He left and rejoined Quiet Riot multiple times, including in August 2006 to support the album Rehab as well as on current tours with the reformation of the band after the passing of front man Kevin DuBrow.


Wright's career in mainstream heavy metal first took off with the band Giuffria's hit "Call To The Heart" in early 1985. He left Giuffria to re-join Quiet Riot in 1985/86. He was also directly involved in seven film scores, most notably being the Universal picture release “Kull The Conqueror”, where he was joined by Guns N' Roses drummer Matt Sorum and the London Philharmonic Orchestra. Along the way, he's also worked with the following bands/artists: House Of Lords, Bad Moon Rising, Blackthorne, Christian Tolle Project, Doro, Impellitteri, Kuni, MSG, Magdalen, Murderer's Row, Pata, Paul Shortino's The Cutt, Stephen Pearcy, Adler's Appetite, Love/Hate, Stuart Smith, Ken Tamplin, Heaven and Earth [3] [4]and has recorded various tribute albums with other luminaries.

Chuck also plays a fretless bass and is endorsed by Ampeg, Dunlop Strings, Godin Guitars, Schecter Guitar Research and Sick Boy Motorcycles.


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