Artist: Via Satellite

Date Released: 2004

Label: Loud and Clear

Produced By:



The easiest way to describe Via Satellite is The Album Leaf minus Jimmy LaValle. Now I know you are thinking, “what the hell is this kid talking about, The Album Leaf is Jimmy LaValle.” Well you are right, but do you really think that LaValle can be all of that beautiful noise by himself at the same time? Basically, Via Satellite is LaValle’s live backing band writing and recording their own songs. With an eclectic cast made up of an ex-minister, a lit major and an artist-psychologist, the San Diego band is far from The Album Leaf leftovers, though there is some resemblance. The album is made up of spacious compositions consisting of gentle prog-rock, ambient noise and artsy pop-rock. The spacey and cinematic melodic sounds of The Album Leaf remain, but in a more contemporary song-writing structure. They would not be out of place sharing the stages with a band like The Doves or Menomena. This is a very well made and innovative album; hopefully for the next release, the band can stand alone without all of The Album Leaf comparisons. Mpardaiolo

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