Artist: Decibully

Date Released: October 28, 2003

Label: Polyvinyl

Produced By:


  1. On the Way to Your Hotel
  2. Tables Turn
  3. We Belong on Rooftops
  4. My Lighter and Strings
  5. Spiderbites
  6. Tied to the Rhythm
  7. Skipping Over Goodbye
  8. Small Circles
  9. Holy Angel Choir
  10. Uncle Sam's Yard
  11. Your Love is a Tempo
  12. Beyond Hope


A variety of instrumentation. Lush texturing and magnetic melodies. Decent lyrics. These are the touchstones by which Decibully operates on their debut full-length. Founded by ex-Promise Ring and current Camden vets William Seidel and Ryan Weber, and including five other musicians who aren't lacking in the talent department by any means, Decibully have crafted their first album on Polyvinyl. It is an impressive work indeed: Brilliantly working in banjos, keyboards, and percussion makes this a formidable debut full-length. - Patrick Masterson

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