City vs Country
by Mobius Band
Released March 8, 2005
Label Ghostly International


  1. Starts Off with a Band
  2. Multiply
  3. Year of the President
  4. City vs Country
  5. I Had a Very Good Year


Though electronic music has been around for quite some time, lately much larger audiences are becoming aware of the pop side of the genre and labels are picking up any artist with a blip or a bloop in their sound. Ghostly International, with almost an entirely electronic roster, is going in a different direction; they have signed Mobius Band, a solemn yet catchy pop rock band. Now this New York via Massachusetts band does contain some electronic noise, but they use it the way it needs to be, tight and concise elements that compliment the sound rather than take it over. After just three self-released, shoe-string budget EPs, the band has gained a lot of momentum on the east coast, finally relocating themselves from the backwoods of Mass to the urban forest of NY. This EP is a response to the relocation and the five songs are delicately catchy without ever overloading the sound with unnecessary noise. An props to Ghostly for pulling a WARP and reaching outside their genre by signing their first non-RPM/IDM artist. Michael Ardaiolo