Clarence Carter (Montgomery (Alabama), January 14, 1936) is a blind soul singer and musician.


[hide]*1 Biography


Clarence Carter is born blind . He attended the Alabama School for the Blind in Talladega, Alabama, and the Alabama State College in Montgomery, where he was graduated in August 1960, with a degree in music. He taught himself to play the guitar by listening to the blues classics of John Lee HookerJimmy Reedand Lightnin ' Hopkins . Carter got his first guitar during Christmas in 1947 and his first royalty of a plate was 25 cents.

With Calvin Scott, he formed the duo in 1960 Clarence & Calvin. They had met at the blind school. They signed a contract with the Fairlane label and released in 1961 I Wanna Dance But I Don't Know How from. In 1962, after the second single, I Don't Know (School Girl) they left the label and signed a contract with Duke Records. They took a private label as sublabel: CL Boys label for their debut. In total they made four singles. Unfortunately they all four were not noticed by the radio stations.

In 1965 they went to Rick Hall's FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, they paid $ 85 to the ballad Step by Step (with the b-side Roster Knees and Rice) to include.The picture picked up on Atlanta Radio and ordered Clarence & Calvin to near Atlantic producer Jerry Wexler. For the second time they took Step by Step on and the new single flopped for the second time.


In 1966 Carter and Scott got a car accident. Scott had to long rehabilitation and, in the meantime, Carter went further as a solo artist. That was the end of the cooperation. Carter stayed with Fame Records work.Carter made the single Tell Daddy in 1967, this was a response to the single that Etta James had released with the title Tell MamaThread the Needle then became a minor hit. Carter came back to Atlantic withLooking for a Fox early 1968 that came out. Carter Slip away then brought out and that became a top 10 hit in the USA was Too Weak to Fight his next hit. Carter came with a Christmas single in late 1968:Backdoor Santa.

In 1969, Snatching It Back out. The b-side was The Dark End of the Street, a cover of James Carr. That year he would spend several singles, but those were moderately successful. In 1970, he was awarded the biggest hit until then: Patches. This top 10 hit in the USA was nominated for a Grammy Awardin 1972. Then came there again a few singles such as Getting the Bills flopped and Slipped, Tripped and Fell in Love. He recorded a duet with Candi Staton, but soon left Atlantic in 1972. He came back at Fame and took Back in Your Arms Again on.

By the arrival of the disco-music in the mid-1970s, it did not go well with the career of Carter. His songs were sampled by many hip hop musicians. An example of this is backdoor Santa. A sample in the song can be heard in the Christmas song Christmas in Hollis by Run-D.m.c...

Carter was married with Candi Staton.



  • 1968 This Is Clarence Carter
  • 1969 Testifyin '
  • 1969 The Dynamic Clarence Carter
  • 1970 Patches
  • 1971 that's What Your Love Means to Me
  • 1973 Sixty Minutes
  • 1974 Real
  • 1975 Loneliness & Temptation
  • 1976 Heart Full of Song
  • 1977 I Got Caught Making Love
  • 1977 Let's Burn
  • 1981 Mr. Clarence Carter in Person
  • 1986 Dr. CC
  • 1987 Hooked on Love
  • 1989 Touch of Blues
  • 1990 Between a Rock and a Hard Place Between
  • 1992 Have You With Clarence Carter...Yet?
  • 1994 Live with the Dr.
  • 1995 Together Again
  • 1995 I Couldn't Refuse
  • 1996 Carter's Corner
  • 1997 Too Weak to Fight
  • 1999 Bring It to Me
  • 2001 Live in Johannesburg
  • 2003 All Y'all Feeling Alright
  • 2005 One More Hit (to the face)
  • 2007 Messin' with My Mind
  • 2007-The Final Stroke

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