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Claus Norreen (born [[15 Jun 1970) is a Danish musician and [[record produce known for being a part of the band [[Aqua (band)|Aqu, which ended up selling 28 million records.


Early lifeEdit

Claus Noreen was born in [[Gentoft, near Copenhagen. Before he seriously started making music, he always wanted to become a chemist. Other than school, one of his biggest interests was the electropop.[citation needed] He bought a pair of keyboards and started playing [[industrial techn.

When he finished with school he started to work in his sisters' clothing store. The work in the store inspired him and influenced his style of music. In 1989, he met Søren Rasted and moved his music instrument to his residence.


Albums Edit

  • Frække Frida Og De Frygtløse Spioner (1994) (Various Artists)

Singles Edit

  • Submerged (1992) (Aeroflot)
  • Itzy Bitzy Spider (1995) (Joyspeed)

Remixes Edit

  • In my mind (Danny Red Remix) (1998) (Antiloop)
  • Living in your head (Aeroflot Remix) (2000) ([[Soundlover)
  • Forever (Aeroflot & Feindflug Remix) (2003) (Bruderschaft)
  • Facts of life (Danny Red Remix) (2004) (LazyB)

Remix versions Edit

  • Aeroflot - Submerge (4:18)
  • Antiloop - In my mind (Danny Red Remix) (03:27)
  • Bruderschaft - Forever (Aeroflot & Feindflug Remix) (5:55)
  • LazyB - Facts of life (Danny Red Mix Edit) (03:20)
  • LazyB - Facts of life (Danny Red Remix) (05:29)
  • LazyB - Facts of life (Danny Red vs. Claus Noreen Mix) (04:01)
  • Soundlovers - Living in your head (Aeroflot Mix) (5:00)
  • Soundlovers - Living in your head (Aeroflot Radio) (3:19)
  • Soundlovers - Living in your head (Aeroflot Remix) (4:50)

External links Edit

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