Clive Dunn (LondonEngland9 January 1920 – AlgarvePortugalnovember 6, 2012) was an English actorsinger and entertainer , best known for his role as Lance-Corporal Jack Jones in the BBCseries Dad's Army (here come the shooters).

Dunn was born in London into a family of music hallartists, and is a cousin of actress Gretchen Franklin. Franklin played in Eastenders and was in the series George & Mildred as the demented mother of Mildred. Starting from the 1930s Dunn played small film roles. During the Second World War was he seven years soldier at the British mechanized cavalry. He was captured in Greece in 1941 and was four years in a POW camp in Austria.

From the 1950s he was active as an actor again. In the sixties he broke through as a television actor in comedies with Tony HancockMichael BentineDora Bryan andDick Emery and others. In 1967 , he played a guest role in episode Something Nasty in the Nursery of The Avengers (the Avengers)

Lance-Corporal Jack Jones[Edit]Edit

In 1968 Dunn got the role of Lance-Corporal Jack Jones in dad's Army. Dunn was then 48. He was one of the youngest members of the cast but played the role of a butcher in the seventy's already under Kitchenerhad served in Sudan . Of the members of the Home Guard of Walmington-on-Sea had "Jonesy" most experience, but he was of them also the most affected by the ravages of time. The character Jonesy is known because the panic quickly, it invariably ' don't panic, don't panic ' being called out, and by the catchphrase ' Permission to speak, Sir? '

Dunn was a fervent socialist and made often quarrel with the conservative Arthur Lowe who played in the series Captain George Mainwaring. When Dunn finally an award received (Officer of the British Empire), after having refused several times, Lowe would have let it be known that he in turn would only accept a hógere award than that of Dunn.

After Dad's Army played Dunn a similar role in the television series "Grandad" (1979-1984). He even had a number one hit with the Grandadwritten by Herbie Flowers , accompanied by a children's choir. After the series "Grandad" in 1984 had stopped still in a TV film version of Dunn played Much Ado About Nothing, but then he disappeared from the screen. He settled with his wife Priscilla Morgan, himself also an actress, and their two daughters in the Algarve (Portugal), because he once Greta Garbo in Queen Christina had to see off Portugal.

Dunn died on 6 november 2012 after complications during surgery, he was 92 years old.


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