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Artist: Frank Chickens

Date Released: 1988

Label: Flying Lecords

Produced By: Grant Showbiz


  1. Do The Karaoke (only on Remixed version of the album)
  2. Club Monkey
  3. Waiting For A Dog
  4. Burn That Body
  5. Revolution
  6. Night Drain
  7. Feed Me
  8. Jackie Chan
  9. Shaken By God's Hand
  10. M.Y.T.H.
  11. Hey Dead
  12. Club Monkey (Reprise)


A pretty obscure band, and one that hasn't released anything since 1996 (aside from a remix 12" on Ninja Tune in 2000). And, well, I've actually had Club Monkey forever. And I've always known it was awesome; it's one of those albums I fell in love with the first time I heard it. Still, though, it's definitely worth checking out, even though it's a bit hard to find. Unfortunately, the only CD of Club Monkey that's available right now is the inferior remix version, but the remix isn't awful or anything. About Frank Chickens: The first record was produced/co-written by David Toop & Steve Beresford who worked with the Flying Lizards a lot, and it's got that sort of sound, sort of like a cross between the Residents and the Flying Lizards. The main part of the band is a couple of Japanese ex-patriots living in England; they tend to sing about Asian culture and how it's perceived (well, and other stuff too, really, they're a bit all over the map). The entry for M.Y.T.H. has a bunch of information about the concept/story of this record. - Rev. Syung Myung Me

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