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Full Name: Colin Ivor Moulding

Born: 17 August 1955

Home: Swindon, UK

Website Link(s): [ XTC Fan Sit


  • Bass Guitar
  • Guitar




  • [[XT

Member ofEdit

  • [[XT
  • [[The Dukes Of Stratosphea

Has Notably Worked withEdit

  • [[Andy Partridg

Musician BiographyEdit

Colin Mouling is the bassist and second, less prolific songwriter of [[XT. He typically will have 2-4 songs per album, although he's had many singles as well. He wrote some of their bigger hits as well, including "Making Plans For Nigel" and "[[Generals And Majors:XTC|Generals And Major". He typically doesn't have his fingers in as many pies as [[Andy Partridg, however, opting to stay out of [[Andy Partridge|And's Fuzzy Warbles series of demos, which was original intended to be a series of demos from the both of them -- Colin's bowing out resulted them coming out on [[APEHous instead of [[Ide. Not that that particularly matters or anything. During the [[Skylarking:XTC|Skylarkin sessions, he briefly quit [[XT, leaving [[Andy Partridg as the only original member, though he soon returned.





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Mix CDsEdit

Further readingEdit

[[Category: Artis

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