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Colin Woolway (Born January 24, 1959, in Herne Hill, Lambeth, United Kingdom) is a well known drummer, teacher and author of Drumsense Volumes 1 & 2, which are rapidly becoming the standard books for teaching beginners to play the drum kit. As a professional drummer he toured the world for 20 years, including eight years as Suzi Quatro's drummer, and then he hung up the touring boots to concentrate on teaching. This resulted in a very busy teaching studio, the aforementioned books, a percussion video and more recently, the Drumsense Teaching Project. He also used to write an educational column, called Teasers, each month for Rhythm magazine, the UK produced drummers magazine. Now, however, he writes the Getting Started column in Rhythm magazine. He has since resumed the "Teasers" page in US magazine "Drumhead". Billy Cobham & Jon Hiseman are cited by Woolway as his biggest influences in drumming.[1]


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