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Artist: El-P

Date Released: October 19, 2004

Label: Def Jux

Produced By: El-P


  1. Dream Theme
  2. Jukie Skate Rock
  3. Leaving This Place
  4. Feel Like a Ghost
  5. Intrigue in the House of India
  6. Telemundo (Bombing Theme)
  7. Slow Sex
  8. Constellation
  9. The Dance
  10. The Day After Yesterday
  11. Oxycontin feat. Camu Tao


El-P just has a tough time getting away from less-than-spectacular reviews, at least since Fantastic Damage. And I must confess, I read them and then I am stupidly hesitant about picking up one of his discs (for example). But I always do just out of curiosity and respect for the Def Jux label owner/producer (Cannibal Ox, Aesop Rock), and mc; and each time El-P lets me know what’s up. This is his b-sides album which features unused instrumentals, a few cuts from his unreleased soundtrack to Bomb the System, a preview into his new project with Camu Tao (Central Services) and even a cut from his overlooked and underappreciated jazz album High Water (which features Matthew Shipp). Influences vary everywhere from Can to Charlie Parker in the instrumentals, and everyone is features his love for grimy beats and the manipulated sine wave. This is another solid yet overlooked release by El-P. Michael Ardaiolo

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