Artist: Jimmy Edgar

Date Released: February 21, 2006

Label: WARP

Produced By:


  1. Pret-A-Porter
  2. My Beats
  3. I Wanna Be Your STD
  4. LBLB Detroit
  5. Personal Information
  6. Telautraux
  7. Hold It, Attach It, Connect It
  8. Jefferson Interception
  9. Of the Silent Valley
  10. Semierotiic
  11. Color Strip (Warren)


Listening to Jimmy Edgar’s music, you can’t help but think he is a result of growing up in Detroit during the 80s constantly absorbing the surrounding techno, early hip-hop and gaudy pop. But the truth is Edgar could barely walk when these genres were peaking, so it’s more than likely that he was not spinning records with the artists he most resembles. The now 20-year-old is definitely from Detroit though, and no other characteristic shines more through his colorful glitch-hop than the metallic urban decay of the Motor City. Trained in classical jazz percussion and matured through a series of experimental bands and excessive tape manipulation, Edgar draws from a variety of influences outside of Detroit as well, from the minimalist avant-garde of Reich and Stockhausen to the deep thump of Africa Bambaataa. On cuts like the hypnotic ‘LBLB Detroit,’ he sounds like Matthew Dear remixing Chromeo with just a touch of Squarepusher to keep it from getting too redundant. His roster spot on WARP and the debut on Merck make more than enough sense, but you have to wonder why Ghostly International/Spectral, who are much closer to home, did not jump on the Edgar bandwagon when he was still available. Mpardaiolo

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