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Coltrane is a 1962 studio album by jazz saxophonist John Coltrane. When reissued on CD, it featured a Coltrane composition dedicated to his hero "Big Nick" Nicholaswhich Coltrane would record later the same year with his Ellington collaboration Duke Ellington & John Coltrane.


 [hide*1 Critical reception

Critical reception[edit]Edit

Allmusic's Michael G. Nastos gave the album four-and-a-half out of five stars and called it "a most focused effort, a relatively popular session to both his fans or latecomers, with five selections that are brilliantly conceived and rendered."[1] He found Coltrane "simply masterful" on tenor saxophone with a "fully formed instrumental voice" that "shine[s] through in the most illuminating manner", and wrote of the album's standing in his catalog:

Even more than any platitudes one can heap on this extraordinary recording, it historically falls between the albums Olé Coltrane and Impressions — completing a triad of studio efforts that are as definitive as anything Coltrane ever produced, and highly representative of him in his prime.[1]

Francis Davis of The Village Voice felt that, apart from the "modalthree-quarter time novelty hit" "The Inch Worm", consumers should buy the album for "the gorgeous 'Soul Eyes' and a shattering 'Out of This World'".[2]

Track listing[edit]Edit

Original LP[edit]Edit

  1. "Out of This World" (Harold Arlen) — 14:06
    • Johnny Mercer wrote lyrics for this song, but this recording is instrumental
  2. "Soul Eyes" (Mal Waldron) — 5:26
  3. "The Inch Worm" (Frank Loesser) — 6:19
  4. "Tunji" ( Coltrane) — 6:33
  5. "Miles' Mode" (Coltrane) — 7:31

Bonus tracks on 1997 CD reissue (IMPD-215):

  1. "Big Nick" (Coltrane) — 4:04
  2. "Up 'Gainst The Wall" (Coltrane) — 3:13

Tracks 1-2 recorded on June 19, 1962; #3, 6 on April 11; #4 on June 29; #5 on June 20; #7 on September 18, 1962. Bonus track "Not Yet" recorded on June 20 of the same year.

2002 deluxe edition[edit]Edit

Disc One

  1. "Out of This World"  — 14:04
  2. "Soul Eyes"  — 5:25
  3. "The Inch Worm"  — 6:14
  4. "Tunji"  — 6:32
  5. "Miles' Mode"  — 7:31

Disc Two

  1. "Not Yet" (Tyner) — 6:13
  2. "Miles' Mode" — 7:08
  3. "Tunji" — 10:41
  4. "Tunji" — 7:55
  5. "Tunji" — 7:16
  6. "Tunji" — 7:48
  7. "Impressions" (Coltrane) — 6:32
  8. "Impressions" — 4:33
  9. "Big Nick"  — 4:28
  10. "Up 'Gainst the Wall"  — 3:15


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