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Creator of the Mix: DarKrow

Initial Notes About The Mix: This was the third mix for Brunchma's mix CD exchange. The theme here: Commerce, purchasing, advertising, and other stuff. I thought this was kind of the weakest, since it was a bit unfocused (such as having Oingo Boingo's pro-capitalism "Capitalism" and Gang of Four's anti-capitalism "Capital"), and I ended up putting in a number of filler tracks. Still, its intended recipient seemed to dig it.


  1. Raymond Scott - Vim
  2. Talking Heads - Love For Sale
  3. Laurie Johnson - Shopping Spree
  5. Freezepop - Chess King
  6. Raymond Scott - Hostess: Twinkies
  7. They Might Be Giants - Hey, Mr. DJ, I Thought You Said We Had A Deal
  8. Wall Of Voodoo - Elvis Bought Dora a Cadillac
  9. The Who - Odorno
  10. Kraftwerk - The Model
  11. Raymond Scott - Sprite: "Melonball Bounce"
  12. Negativland - Happy Hero
  13. King Missile - The Commercial
  14. Oingo Boingo - Capitalism
  15. Stan Freberg - Truth In Advertising
  16. The Buggles - Adventures In Modern Recording
  17. Microdisney - United Colours
  18. Petra Haden - Heinz Baked Beans
  19. "Weird Al" Yankovic - Frank's 2000" TV
  20. Plastics - Cards
  21. Raymond Scott - Auto-Lite: Spark Plugs
  22. The Beatles - Money (That's What I Want)
  23. Gang of Four - Capital (It Fails Us Now)
  24. Raymond Scott - Bufferin: "Memories"
  25. Dogbowl - Shopping Mall
  26. Alan Hawkshaw - Convenience Shopping
  27. Raymond Scott - K2r

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