Company of Thieves is an indie rock trio from Chicago, Illinois. Their first release, Ordinary Riches, was released digitally on January 6, 2009, with a physical CD release on February 24, 2009. Company of Thieves is signed to Wind-up Records[1].

They have been featured as an iTunes Discovery Download for their song "Oscar Wilde" [2], as well as in their Indie Spotlight: Rock/Alternative - featuring the album alongside the recommended track, "Pressure".

The band's debut album Ordinary Riches debuted on Billboard's Heatseekers Chart at #5 [3]. They also won the 2007 New York Songwriters Circle contest for their song, "Oscar Wilde". [4].

In January 2009, Genevieve and Marc appeared on "Live From Daryl's House", Daryl Hall's monthly internet concert, as Company of Thieves. They performed "Pressure", "Even In The Dark", "Past the Sleep" and "Around The Block" from their debut album, along with Hall & Oates songs "Starting All Over Again" and "Everytime You Go Away", as well as some covers. They also performed on Last Call with Carson Daly in February.

Company of Thieves' single "Oscar Wilde" was featured on "Gossip Girl: Real NY Stories Revealed" as part of the Dove Go Fresh campaign[5], as well as being aired during an episode of Gossip Girl.

The band premiered a video for the song "Pressure" on July 13, 2009. It was featured on the AOL music blog,[6]

Members Edit

Former members Edit

  • Dorian Duffy – bass[7]
  • James Ratke – drums
  • Brad Sawicki - Bass
  • Scott Heatherly- Piano

Discography Edit

Studio albums Edit

Year Album details Chart Positions
US US Heat
2009 Ordinary Riches 162 5

Singles Edit

Year Single Album
2009 "Oscar Wilde" Ordinary Riches

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References Edit

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