Complete cover
{{{Type}}} by Mila J
Released May 23, 2006[1]
Recorded 2005
Genre Hip hop
Length 3:43
Label Universal Motown, The Ultimate Group
Producer Chris Stokes
Mila J chronology
"How We Roll"
"I'm Mi"

"Complete" is a song by American recording artist Mila J. The song serves as the lead single from her debut unofficial album, Split Personality. The song was released on May 23, 2006.[2] It samples "You Are Everything" by The Stylistics.[3]

Music video Edit

Synopsis Edit

The video begins with Mila getting out of the shower with a towel on. She is then as she is laying on the couch. She later gets out of the bathroom and then starts putting stuff in order. She then opens a mini-bar and gets out a microwave meal. A photo of her and her love interest is shown. Later, she goes to open the door for her friends to come in. Later her love interest comes in, along with his friends. As the microwave meal is done she brings it for her and her love interest to eat. Her and her love interest start dancing. The song later fades into a snippet of I'm Mi.

Track listing Edit

  1. "Complete" (Radio) - 3:44
  2. "Complete" (Instrumental) - 3:45
  3. "Complete" (Acapella) - 3:32
  4. "Complete" (Callout Hook) - 0:25
  1. Complete - 3:44
  2. I'm Mi - 3:35

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