Artist: Various Artists

Date Released: 2006

Label: Crammed

Produced By: Vincent Kenis


  1. Masanka Sankayi + Kasai Allstars - Wa Muluendu feat. Mutumilayi
  2. Kasai Allstars - Koyile/Nyeka Nyeka feat. Tandjolo
  3. Sobanza Mimanisa - Kiwembo
  4. Kasai Allstars - Kabuangoyi feat. Muambuyi
  5. Kisanzi Congo - Soif Conjugale
  6. Masanka Sankayi - Le Laboureur feat. Kabongo Tshisensa
  7. Bolia We Ndenge - Bosamba Ndenge
  8. Basokin - Mulume feat. Mi Amor
  9. Konono N°1 - T.P. Couleur


On the heels of the extreme surprising success of the initial Congotronics album, which featured solely Konono N°1, recording engineer/producer Vincent Kenis and Crammed unleash 6 more bands hailing from the Congo. These groups have left the bush to settle in the capital and are bringing their individual musical styles with them. The need for more amplification has led the groups to concoct their own equipment of homemade instruments and amplifiers that has heavily influenced the evolution of their music. The result is a new genre of African music that is almost indescribable, less formulaic than afrobeat or highlife, more African than krautrock, less repetitive than ethnic dance music, and more modern than tribal music. Every group is bringing their own style, instrumentation, equipment and culture to their music, so every song on here is one in it’s own. It makes for a very interesting and intriguing listen that is like nothing else; trash can percussion, layered harmonies, over-amplified electronics, lead singers screaming through megaphones and swirling guitars all float in and out of the mix. A definite eye-opening listen for anyone interested in musical diversity. Mpardaiolo

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