Artist: Woven Hand

Date Released: November 2, 2004

Label: Sounds Familyre

Produced By:


  1. Sparrow Falls
  2. Bleary Eyed Duty
  3. To Make a Ring
  4. Off the Cuff
  5. Chest of Drawers
  6. Oil on Panel
  7. Speaking Hands
  8. Down in Yon Forest
  9. Tin Finger
  10. Into the Piano


Woven Hand is the side project of David Eugene Edwards, frontman of seminal Denver band 16 Horsepower. Edwards’ defining voice is front and center for his third album under the moniker; and the result is a combination of gothic Americana and dark, theatric folk. The creepy, folkloric soundscapes that back his voice are created by dense layers of acoustic and electric guitar, piano, upright bass and a diverse selection of acoustic percussion. His influence from being the son of a “fire-and-brimstone preacher” comes out strongly in his overtly Biblical (read – religious and epic) lyrics. Consider the Birds is an awkwardly beautiful album that remains mysterious while letting you into the catacombs of Edwards’ questioning mind. Michael Ardaiolo

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